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All About Worm Castings & Worms
Worm Kaster can supply you with the purest form of earth worm castings available! Using worm castings will help your plant's and plant roots to grow more rapidly and fuller without harmful chemicals. Worm castings are safe to use on your flowers, vegetables, houseplants and more. Worm castings are also child and pet friendly!

Earthworm castings have been a 'secret weapon' of avid gardeners and plant enthusiasts for hundreds of years. Earth worm castings are an organic fertilizer that provide a rich mixture of micronutrients microbial organisms and organic matters. Worm Kasters worm manure/castings is environmentally friendly and has not been composted, mixed, dried or diluted. When added directly to your soil, worm castings will not harm or burn your plants at any concentration. Even the most delicate seedlings and bedding plants are safe.

Much of the content of worm castings and their affect on plants is still being studied. Nonetheless, farmers and soil blenders know the benefits of worm castings from experiencing the beneficial affect the castings have on their plants.

This all natural soil enhancer is brought to you directly from the worm. The biology of the worm's gut facilitates the growth of bacteria and fungus that are beneficial to plant growth.Organic matter consumed by the worm is changed by the worm's digestive system to produce a natural organic fertilizer.

Worm castings help to improve soil structure because of the thousands of round shaped pellets (castings) it contains. Worm castings provide almost an equal percentage of nitrogen, and potassium, plus calcium, magnesium and nitrates. Use worm castings to boost plant growth, increase water retention of soil, and improve aeration of your soil.
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